Electric Shaver vs Wet Shave

Men love to show off their style via facial hair. They either trim them or completely remove them from the surface. Since many decades now, the typical way of shaving consisted of a razor and shaving cream. These were used to carefully remove the facial hair and make the skin clean. As time has passed and the world is moving towards technology advancements, people are beginning to use modern shaving techniques. Such techniques are mainly dry in nature and are done using an electronic shaving tool such as electric shaver. The electric shaver has helped a lot of people but many are still using the traditional wet shave method. The purpose of this article is to help you identify which shaving method is more suitable for you according to your requirements.

Lets have a look at the pros and cons of using an electric shaver or opting for wet shave.

Modern Electric Shaver

The modern day electric shavers will give you a dry shave where there is no use of water or any shaving creams. The popularity of electric shavers has increased due to many reasons and benefits.


Less Time Consuming

The luxury of the wet shave is undeniable but when the clock is ticking and you don’t want to be late for work, electric shaver will help you make your morning routine more productive. It is the quickest way of shaving as you just have to turn it on and you’ll get the results in less than half the time.

Saves a lot of money

The only cost you have to bear is the initial buying cost of an electric shaver. You don’t need to buy extra razors or blades after every two or three shaves. SO this saves a lot of money in the long run

No cuts or Nicks

Using an electric shaver will always reduce or even omit the risk of cuts and nicks. You always feel safer using this tool than the razors in the wet shave.


Initial Cost

The initial cost is something that stops most of us from choosing this method. There is no room for error. If you are going for this method, you need to do an in-depth research on what exactly do you want. These electric shavers come in different designs and features. If you choose the wrong one, you will loose all your investment and your money goes down the drain.

Wet Shave

The traditional method of shaving loved by many. Wet shave is still preferred by many men and we have reasons to prove it.


Closest shave

Closest shave is the main argument behind choosing between electric shaver and wet shave. Without any doubt, wet shave gives a closer shave than the electric shave method.

The perks of shaving creams

As wet shaves are done with the help of shaving creams, there are many different types of shaving creams available in the market. You can choose from a variety of shaving creams according to your skin and requirements. These shaving creams give your skin a clean, neat and fresh look throughout the day.


Regular Expenses

Since wet shaves use blades and safety razors, you need to buy them almost everyday. These safety blades can be used only for one or two shaves so it is obvious that the long-term costs will begin to mount up.

Cuts and Nicks

Nobody wants to get a cut on their chin or neck every morning. These razors have a high risk of giving you nicks. Even if you shave with the utmost care, you might become a victim anytime.

Final Word

Looking at the pros and cons of both these shaving techniques, we come to a conclusion that both of these have their advantages and disadvantages at the same time. But we prefer electric shavers over wet shave because they are less time consuming and economical at the same time. These two factors are the most common factors we find in everything in our daily lives.